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Client: Personal project  Year: 2020

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Client: Suave

Location: Salt, Girona

Year: 2018

The artist Suave, originally from Girona, Spain, produced his first electronic album whilst living in Ibiza, drawing inspiration from the Balearic Islands. The release of the EP came in the wake of Suave’s passing; his dream was made reality by his nearest and dearest. Entitled ‘Friends and Family’, this is a highly sentimental EP about loved ones that has the power to transport you to another dimension.

Suave had been a close friend of ours, and we wanted to honor his vision and create a personal design for the vinyl. We knew that he had been born in the Year of the Rabbit and, curiously enough, rabbits had always fascinated him.

Based on this understanding, we used the rabbit as the protagonist of the design. We introduced Suave’s personality into the illustration via his facial expression and dress sense, and mixed in shades of blue and pink to create a minimalist look. We also designed a series of icons to capture snippets of his personality.

The perfect balance between stylish yet intricate illustrations, offset by minimalist colors. Suave’s personality and style lives on in the vinyl’s artwork, creating a true collector’s item.

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Friends & Family