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Client: Blue The Great  Location: Los Angeles  Year: 2020

Client: Blue The Great

Location: Los Angeles

Year: 2020

Bryan Blue, aka Blue The Great, is a self-taught artist, photographer and DJ originally from Texas, now residing in LA. His first foray into the art world saw him making and selling custom shoes while in high school, before exploring different mediums such as canvas and print.

Blue contacted us with the request to create a personalized self-portrait with unique characteristics. He wanted to be represented with the robot from the movie “The Iron Giant”, highlighting the Nike Jordan 1 sneakers which were designed by Blue himself and incorporating elements such as his trademark mummy bandages and graffiti tag in primary colors on the robot’s chest. The illustration was very well-received, even being shared online by Chris Brown.

Blue the great as the Bryan Giant chilling with the big homie.