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Client: Personal project  Year: 2020

Client: Personal project

Year: 2020

2020 was a difficult year, but one of the gifts it gave us was that of time: time to work on personal projects that allowed us the freedom to experiment and play with new ideas.

We are constantly striving to grow and evolve so we can offer you an innovative approach to your project. What ensued from the lockdown was a passion project set in our former stomping ground, Hong Kong.

“Midnight in Kowloon” weaves several different concepts into one illustration, fueled by imagination to create a powerful design. We were keen to explore a design with a well-known person and a strong background. In this illustration we depicted Winnie Harlow in a Hong Kong side street at night, illuminated by neon signs and accompanied by a pack of Doberman. The background is inspired by a photo by Sean Foley.

Hong Kong's midnight alley. Leader of the pack

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