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Client: Personal project

Year: 2020

The pandemic has shaken the world and everything has changed drastically. It was during the quarantine being at home with a lot of time ahead when I've decided to kick off those projects that I always had in mind but in a normal situation I never have time to work on. Since a long time I was having in mind to create a project that embraces cinema, fashion and more other concepts that I like creating something from inside me to outside.

My first personal project of this new concept was to create my own vision of the Kill Bill world by using its character Beatrix Kiddo AKA The Black Mamba but with a hipster modern twist. The are many references to the movie, anime and sports into this illustration piece represented by patches or clothes, sneakers that the character is wearing.

The idea was to create the movie poster in my own style and this is the result of it.

Client: Personal project  Year: 2020

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