Client: Epicurean Group  Year: 2020  Country: Hong Kong  Collaborator: Miq Ros

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A series of vibrant, highly visual illustration compositions that highlight the familiar elements of
each character. The 5 panels are placed on the ceiling in such a way that they can be seen from any perspective in the restaurant.

Client: Epicurean Group  Country: Hong Kong  Year: 2020  Collaborator: Miq Ros

Client: Epicurean Group  Year: 2020  Country: Hong Kong  Collaborator: Miq Ros

Client: Epicurean Group

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 2020

Collaborator: Miq Ros

Located in the heart of Hong Kong, Agave is a Mexican restaurant with over 20 years of history.
When we started to work with the team, they wanted to break the mold, graphically-speaking.

The client wanted to differentiate itself from the strong competition in Hong Kong, incorporating tailor-made illustrations in to the ceiling location that would be as tantalizing as its margaritas.

We wanted the illustrations to be anything but cheesy, but at the same time they had to represent recognizable aspects of Mexican culture.
We plucked well-known heroes from traditional Mexican culture and dropped them into a modern context, giving a nod to current trends whilst remaining 100% authentic.

Lights up, Margaritas Out