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Client: Personal project  Year: 2020

Aretha Franklin | Bestie Boys | The Clash | Depeche Mode 

Erykah Badu | Fugees | Giorgio Moroder | Herbie Hancock 

Iggy Pop | Michael Jackson | Kiss | Lianne La Havas | Bob Marley | Nirvana

New Order | Daft Punk | Queen | Rolling Stones | Sade

Tupac Shakur | Underworld | The Verbe | Wu Tang Clan | The XX

Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Led Zeppelin

Client: Personal project

Location: Hong Kong

Year: 2019

36 Days of Type challenge, a project that celebrates and promotes the art of lettering from the different perspectives of designers and illustrators around the globe.

Given our shared love of music, we didn’t need to think twice about a red line to carry us through this challenge. Each of the letters that we have carefully curated is linked to an artist that has, in some way, influenced our lives.

We wanted to stretch ourselves creatively, which is why we chose one of our lesser-explored mediums: animation. This gave us the freedom to experiment and create frame-by-frame animations for each letterform, which we later edited in After Effects.

The result is 26 unique letters; each dedicated to one of the musical greats and set to a classic track. We’ve loved using the fusion of typography, animation and music as a way to pay homage to some of our favorite artists as well as honor this type task.

Not to blow our own trumpet, but we’re pretty proud of this passion project.

Our personal tribute to our love for music throught design and motion

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